What's your Pillar Snore Score?

Snoring can be a harmless annoyance or an indication of a more serious sleep disorder. This short quiz can help you to determine if you may need further evaluation for a sleep condition.

Choose the number from the scale below that best describes the snoring in your situation.
0 = Never
1 = Infrequently (1 night per week)
2 = Frequently (2 - 3 nights per week)
3 = Most of the time (4 or more nights per week)

Situation: Your Score
Snoring affects my relationship with my partner.

Snoring causes my partner to be irritable or tired.

Snoring requires us to sleep in separate rooms.

The snoring is loud.

Snoring affects other people when I am sleeping away from home (hotel, camping, etc.).

Your Score:

If you scored a 5 or higher it may be time to consider your options. With the benefits so large and the solutions so easy why be held back in life by a high snore score.

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