True Pillar Implant Stories

"I chose the Pillar Procedure because it seemed a lot less invasive. It was a one-time procedure that was done in the doctorís office. I was there for five, ten minutes, maybe. And then back on the road again. Quick, easy."

". . . my doctor ran through what the procedure was, why it was effective, he checked the size of my palate, the thickness of it, he went from the inside, he checked my tongue, kind of just did a lot of checks to say - it looks like youíre a good candidate for this. . ."

"I donít really notice it at all. Itís up there; itís firmed up my palate. Iím sleeping better at night. I'm getting better rest than Iíve had in years."

Mike Wolf, Maplewood, Minnesota

"When I heard about the implant [Pillar Procedure], I thought, I can try this and if it works, then Iíll save myself from having to go through surgery or having to sleep with a machine connected to my face for the rest of my life."

Phyllis Gernhardt, Fort Wayne, Indiana

"It's basically painless, only took a short period of time and the benefits clearly outweighed anything associated with it. It made a lot of sense."

Joseph McInerney, Chicago, Illinois

"He used the comparison to a dental visit, but it really was much faster than that. When you go to the dentist, you spend a lot of time and you worry about whether or not the guy's going to hurt you. It's different than that. It was very quick. I was in and out of there in 15 minutes, 20 minutes max. And it was relatively painless and I don't feel it today, at all."

Dan Starkey, Minneapolis, MN


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